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Lucky Eggs

Good Luck Symbol - Egg

Symbol of Wealth, Health, Fertility, Purity, Rebirth and Luck

Originated from Europe

Folklore/Superstitions: In ancient times, eggs were key ingredients in spells that brought good fortune, and helped in getting rid of bad energy surrounding you. They were also used in magical rituals to promote fertility and restore virility, look into the future, bring good weather, encourage growth of crops, protect both cattle and children against misfortune, and ward off the dreaded evil eye. For instance, a bride would break an egg to ensure fertility when she entered her new home, while German farmers smeared eggs, bread and flour on their hoes in spring as they sowed their fields.

In England, a gift of a white egg is considered lucky, but a brown egg is unlucky.

Fun facts: According to Hindu mythology, the before the world was created, it was a cosmic egg. First, there was non-existence that became existent, and turned into an enormous egg, which incubated for a year and then split open, one part being silver and the other gold. The silver half formed the earth; the gold, the sky; the outer membrane, mountains; the inner, mist and clouds; the veins were rivers, and the fluid part of the egg was the ocean, and from all of these came in turn, the sun.

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