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Elephants - The Biggest Lucky Animals

Good Luck Symbol - Elephant

Symbol of Strength, Power, Wisdom, Fertility, Protection, Happiness, Loyalty, Longevity and Good Luck

Originated from India

Folklore/Superstitions: In India, elephants are considered auspicious animals because of Ganesha, a Hindu god associated with good beginnings, wisdom and success, and has the head of an elephant.

Of all elephants, the white elephant is considered the most sacred. They are rare animals and their appearance today is still considered a phenomenon of the gods. It is said that mothers of great teachers and masters will dream of white elephants. One story of Buddha's mother tells how she dreamt a white elephant had entered her womb.

There is some debate over which way the elephant’s trunk should point for good luck, but the general consensus is that an elephant with the trunk pointed up "showers his owner with luck"

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