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Lucky Horseshoes

Good Luck Symbol - Horseshoe

Symbol of Protection and Luck

Originated from Europe

Folklore/Superstitions: According to legend, St Dunstan encountered the Devil when he was a blacksmith before becoming Archbishop of Canterbury. The legend recounts that, one day, the Devil walked into Dunstan's shop and asked him to shoe his horse. St Dunstan pretended not to recognize him, and agreed to the request; but rather than nailing the shoe to the horse's hoof, he nailed it to the Devil's own foot, causing him great pain. Dunstan eventually agreed to remove the shoe, but only after extracting a promise that the Devil would never enter a household with a horseshoe nailed to the door

It is said that the horseshoe ought to face upwards in a “U” shape, to catch luck and bring it into your home. Hanging an upside down one will have luck flowing out of your home.

Fun facts: Horseshoes were originally made of iron, a material which was believed to ward off evil spirits, and were traditionally held in place with seven nails, seven being the luckiest number. They are crescent shaped - the crescent represented various moon goddesses, and was believed to bestow luck and fertility while warding off the evil eye.

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