The Luck of Dragons

Good Luck Symbol - Elephant

Symbol of Nobility, Divinity, Greatness, Wisdom, Longevity, Abundance, Success, Excellence, Vitality, Happiness, Power, Peace, Stability, Protection, Wealth, Immortality and Luck

Originated from China

Folklore/Superstitions: There is a clear difference between the symbolic meanings and depictions of European Dragons and Eastern Dragons. In European culture, Dragons are described as extremely dangerous fire-breathing, reptile-like creatures with huge wings that are usually violent and destructive.

In contrast, Eastern Dragons are usually wingless, and are regarded as powerful, benevolent, gentle and wise beings that bring good fortune to those that encounter them. These mystical beings are also said to control weather, and rule over all water bodies, such as oceans, seas, lakes and even ponds. In many Asian cultures, water is a symbol of wealth. Thus, Dragons, as rulers of water bodies are perceived as gatekeepers of wealth, treasure and good fortune.

These celestial beings do more than just bestow luck and fortune though. They are also regarded as protectors of the innocent, and are able to ward off evil spirits. Many buildings and homes in Asia are decorated with dragon images and symbols. It is believed that the dragons will protect the homes and their owners from harm and bad luck, and attract wealth.

Eastern dragons are also believed to emit "Sheng Qi" or celestial breath - which is an emanation of their immense energy and power. Anyone who is lucky enough to be bestowed with "Sheng Qi" will draw in good luck, wealth, and success!

As legend tells it, a carp came upon a mountain and wanted to reach its peak. The determined fish swam upstream, over waterfalls and through rapids to reach the mountain top. Finally, the carp came upon a mythical Dragon Gate, successfully leaped over it and became a dragon.

Fun facts: Historically, the dragon was associated with the Emperor of China and used as a symbol to represent imperial power.

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