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The Most Auspicious Blossoms

Good Luck Symbol - Moth Orchid

Symbol of Love, Luxury, Perfection, Happiness, Beauty, Strength and Luck

Originated from China

Folklore/Superstitions: Moth orchids or Phalaeonopsis orchids, are favorites amongst feng shui practitioners who want to attract good luck. It is believed that having these orchids indoors would make the space more welcoming, and create an atmosphere of luck and happiness.

Greek women believed that if the father of their unborn child ate large, new orchid tubers, the baby would be a boy. If the mother ate small orchid tubers, she would give birth to a girl.

Fun facts: Many countries such as, Indonesia, Singapore, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Honduras, Belize, Argentina, Venezuela, Panama, Cayman Island, Guatemala, and Seychelles, have chosen orchids as their national flowers.

These beautiful flowers come in different colors, and every color stands for something different.

Red – red orchids symbolize passion and desire, but can also symbolize strength and courage.

Pink – pink orchids symbolize grace, joy and happiness and can also symbolize innocence and femininity.

White – white orchids represent reverence and humility, innocence and purity, and elegance and beauty.

Purple – purple orchids symbolize admiration, respect, dignity and royalty.

Blue – orchids come in every colour but true blue. Even so, there are blue tinted orchids. These orchids represent rarity

Green – green orchids are thought to bring good fortune and blessings. They represent good health, nature and longevity.

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