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Rabbits And Their Lucky Feet

Good Luck Symbol - Rabbit

Fertility, Wealth, Abundance and Procreation and Luck

Originated from Europe

Folklore/Superstitions: According to an old English belief, if you say “rabbit, rabbit, rabbit” out loud, on the first day of the month, you will enjoy good luck that month. It’s important to note that these must be the first words you say upon waking up that day.

In some parts of Northern Europe it was customary to give a child a white rabbit as a gift. The gift of the white rabbit was to ensure the child had a long and prosperous life.

According to Celtic folklore, the fact that rabbits lived in burrows deep underground meant that they were in direct communication with the gods and spirits of the underworld. This belief is still firmly held in the County of Kerry in Ireland, where it is thought that rabbits carry the souls of their ancestors.

In North America a rabbit’s foot was for the longest time considered a good luck charm. The strong believers of this superstition said it had to be the left foot of the rabbit.

Fun facts: The American superstition surrounding the good luck of a rabbit’s foot can be traced back to African slaves who brought the tradition over to the New World. In an example of counter-intuitive magic - the more inauspicious the circumstances surrounding the origins of the foot, the luckier it is. The left rear foot was favored, left being the ‘evil’ side.  For a left rabbit’s foot to bring luck it had to be carried in the left pocket.

It could not be any old rabbit’s foot too. According to the folklore, “the rabbit had to have been killed in a country churchyard at midnight, during the dark of the moon, on Friday the 13th of the month, by a cross-eyed, left handed, red-headed, bow-legged Negro riding a white horse.” All of these elements, of course, were considered ominous if not downright evil, but they were believed to make the rabbit’s foot even more potent as a good luck charm.

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