The Luckiest Nut In The World

Good luck symbol - Acorn

Symbol of Youth, Health, Longevity, Spiritual Growth/Unlimited Potential, Power, Prosperity, and Good Luck

Originated from Scandinavia

Folklores/Superstitions: Legend has it that Thor, the god of thunder, once sought safety under an oak tree during a storm. Ever since then, oak trees were thought to be under Thor’s protection. Scandinavians believed that putting an acorn on the windowsill would protect a home from lightning strikes – a gesture of respect to the Thunder God. In those ancient days, lightening was thought to strike or enter one’s dwelling through the window.

Another old folk belief states that carrying an acorn brings the wearer good fortune, and can even prevent ageing. In fact, there was a time when women would carry them around in their pockets, in the belief that the acorns would keep them looking young.

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pepsii2019 on

Well, when i was little i used to make fairy houses with acorns and i would always take one with me for good luck ;3.

Arlene on

Yesterday I want with my draught in law we went some person house I pick up acorn off they tree an some leafs I new from it go bring me luck

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