Lucky 4 leaf clover - good luck symbol

Do you believe that you are lucky? No? Then you may need a lucky charm to help you believe and make your own luck.

New research has found that lucky charms actually do work! No wonder so many people swear by their personal charms. And you know what? These superstitions can actually be good for you. 

According to psychologists at the University of Koln, believing in good luck charms can yield many positive psychological effects. In their experiments, they found that participants carrying lucky charms were much more confidentand had higher levels of self-efficacy (a belief in your own competence and abilities). Which meant that they set higher personal goals for themselves, had more positive expectations, and were motivated to persist longer at their tasks. All of which, resulted in excellent performance and higher success rates.

Check out their scientific papers (PDF) here

The researchers later concluded that “engaging in superstitious thoughts and behaviors may be one way to reach one’s top level of performance”. This may also explain why some super athletes like Wade Boggs are able to consistently achieve world class results. Keeping to their good luck rituals and charms most likely put them in a high performance state of mind. It's not magic, but it's pretty close! So, next time you have an exam or an important meeting, bring your lucky charm along.

Richard Wiseman Quote - "It may sound strange, but if you have a lucky charm then you really are more likely to make your own luck”

lucky charm that is small, inconspicuous and convenient to carry around can become your own personal secret weapon. Top athletes, top business executives, top actors, top entrepreneurs, and most successful individuals all understand the important truth that the mind is what counts. 90% of success in any walk of life is a direct result of how the mind is used. In fact, many of these successful people own lucky charms too.

Here are some famous people and their good luck charms

Movie and fashion icon, Audrey Hepburn had a lucky rabbit figurine that she kept for good luck.

Audrey Hepburn with lucky rabbit figurine charm

World famous golfer, Tiger Woods used to wear a red shirt every Sunday to psych out his opponents and help him win golf tournaments.

Tiger woods lucky red shirt

Irish Movie Star, Colin Farrell wears a pair of shamrock boxers every time he starts a new movie. Apparently these lucky undies are covered with shamrocks, and has ‘The Luck of the Irish’ printed on the waistband.

Handsome irish actor Colin Farrell

Unfortunately, there are no images of him in said undies

Last but not least. Barack Obama, the 44th President of the United States, carried around not one, but FIVE good luck charms! These charms inspired him whenever he felt tired or discouraged, and gave him the strength to carry on. In 2016, he gave a speech and openly shared that he had luck on his side when he won the presidential elections.

Obama and his lucky charms

Believing in lucky charms may not get the roulette wheel to stop at your number or make the sun shine on your wedding day. But, it just might help you serve better on the tennis court, or do well at a job interview. Whenever there is skill involved, believing you have luck on your side will help. 

Want something high quality and uniquely designed to add a sprinkle of magic to your day? Pick out a sterling silver lucky charm from our collections here!

Sterling Luck silver lucky charm jewelry


Did you know? Lucky charms are considered a positive superstition. And results from a research survey showed that 'lucky' people are more inclined to indulge in positive superstitious behavior believed to bring good luck, which includes carrying a lucky charm. 'Unlucky' people, on the other hand, tend to believe in negative superstitions that bring bad luck – such as breaking a mirror, walking under a ladder or unlucky number 13.

Moral of the story (research?)? Do whatever makes you feel lucky. There is no harm indulging in positive superstitions, and lucky charms that have always worked for you. But, avoid obsessing over negative superstitions, it’s not going to make you any luckier.


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