The Lucky Little Frog

Good Luck Symbol - Frog

Symbol of Happiness, Prosperity, Friendships, Abundance, Fertility, Spiritual Evolution and Luck

Originated from Europe, China, Egypt, Japan

Folklore/Superstitions: “In folklore the first frog of spring is said to bring you many friends if it does a “hop toad” jump in your direction”

In ancient Rome, frogs were venerated as bringers of wealth and joy; symbols of these amphibians were placed in homes and buildings to attract good fortune. Similarly, the original settlers in Australia believed that frogs were able to bring forth rain. The rains will help water crops and allow for bountiful harvests, and eventually wealth.

In Japan frogs are also considered very auspicious animals. The Japanese word for frog is Kaeru. Kaeru also means “return”. Frog amulets are believed to keep the owner safe during his/her travels

The three-legged money frog is extremely popular in China. It is believed that this frog will bring good fortune and prosperity into the home.

Fun facts: In Egypt, frogs were abundant during the annual flooding of the Nile – which irrigated and fertilized the dry farm lands. Hence, frogs were seen as harbingers of fertile lands and fertility. This belief eventually evolved to become Heqat, the goddess of fertility. Heqat (which actually means ‘frog’) is usually depicted as a woman with the head of a frog.

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