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Rashel - Owner and designer of Sterling Luck

Hello! I'm Rashel, owner and designer of Sterling Luck™. I'm from the tiny island-state of Singapore. 

My love for shiny things drove me to start, not one, but two jewelry businesses. Sterling Luck is my 2nd venture. The first one happened a few years ago when I was living in Brisbane, Australia. I say happened, because I was surfing the internet and saw some really pretty pieces on a Chinese wholesale website, then BAM! I decided I was going to buy everything I liked, and sell them online in Australia. I had a business. It was great. Until little problems started surfacing. The designs were cute and the prices were so low it was unbelievable. But the materials used were cheap, jewelry was flimsy and broke apart easily, some parts flaked, some parts discolored and some pieces turned skin green. Quality control was terrible. There was no way of telling which designs would hold up, and which would end up in the trash. It was nerve-wreaking trying to sell them. I'd half expected to get nasty phone calls in the middle of the night from angry customers. Luckily, my customers were really nice and understood that fast fashion items don't last. Well, lesson learned!

I wasn't deterred though. I wanted to try again. And this time, I decided that the best way to go about doing this, would be to produce my own designs, AND make them to MY standards. I've had no formal training in art or design. All I knew was that I wanted to create well-designed, stylish jewelry that is also meaningful (and somehow inspiring!). I thought I'd give it a shot, and that's how Sterling Luck started!

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Why Sterling Silver?

All my pieces are crafted from nickel-free sterling silver because I wanted something that will last, and can be passed down like heirlooms from generation to generation. Silver is hypoallergenic too - which means that it's not very likely to cause an allergic reaction unless the person is allergic to silver itself (not a very common allergy). Plus, silver was believed for many centuries to be a lucky precious metal with “magical properties”, so it was only fitting that it was used to make lucky charms!

So why Good Luck Charms?

No one wants to be unlucky. We all hope to have happy, smooth sailing lives. So, why does luck seem to only favor some people? 

After a decade long study on luck, psychologist Richard Wiseman came to an interesting conclusion: "Luck is a state of mind". Lucky people simply think, and as a result, behave in a different way that allows them to tip the odds in their favor. Good luck charms and rituals are simply tools to activating this lucky mental state, and have been used since ancient times for this very purpose. But, they are fast going out of fashion, and their less than aesthetically-pleasing looks aren't helping either. 

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So I thought, why not give these lucky symbols a new look? A makeover of sorts to turn traditional lucky charms into enchanting silver bling that anyone would love to flaunt. Instead of designing meaningless pretties - wouldn't it be better to create beautiful physical reminders that can inspire, motivate and help people get into a lucky state of mind? I believe jewelry should be nothing less than magical. And I think, this is it.

All my designs are original, and features at least 1 good luck symbol. Many of these symbols can be found in nature; which is why, my designs tend to be imaginary depictions of lucky symbols in the natural world. To make things even more interesting, I create fun little backstories for some added positivity too! 

A chance meeting between two lonely frogs in an Amazon forest.

A beautiful dragon resting on a bed of orchids.

Cheeky dolphins playing ball.

Check them out! I hope you enjoy my designs as much as I do!


Let your magic begin.

Rashel. C
Owner and Designer of Sterling Luck


I'm extremely lucky to have met so many wonderful people on this little entrepreneurial journey.  

My Heartfelt Thanks to 

Audie C. Ugalino & Family - the most warmhearted people I've had the good fortune to meet! They are in the business of international sales & distribution consultancy, and have brought my designs out to overseas markets. I'm truly humbled by their support and friendship. Check out their website and services!


Rich Wright - an artist in his own right. Rich has years of experience in creative work and specializes in fashion design. We combined both our creative energies to develop Sterling Luck's logo. Check out his website and profile to see his works!


Sylvia Huang - a marketing and branding specialist. I consider her a midwife of sorts for brands. She gently coaxes and guides you into bringing your brand to life. Thanks to her, I didn't have to labor much! XD Check out her website and services!


Collin Wu - a certified NLP business coach who helped me see past my mental blocks and overcome them. Check out his website and services!



Last but not least, I'm grateful to my loved ones for standing by me, offering silent support (and food!) from the sidelines.