Sterling Luck X Pinterest

Hey there! Are you a content creator who is also active on Pinterest?

Do you know that each time you pin or repin images from other websites onto your boards, you are essentially sending YOUR followers to them for FREE?

Yes, this is part and parcel of being a pinner on Pinterest - if you want nice looking boards you'll need nice looking pins that are relevant to your theme, and it's not possible to create them all by yourself. But since you're going to spend time and energy creating those boards/pins, why not try and monetize that traffic?

We have just started a referral program that will PAY content creators for every sale they bring us through their social traffic. Helping them make the most out of their time on Pinterest! Sounds good?

Here's what we are and what we do. Sterling Luck is a positive lifestyle brand that aims to bring more luck, magic and fun into the world. We design premium sterling silver jewelry featuring famous good luck charms to make you look good AND feel good

We're still a very new brand and need all the help we can get to reach buyers and grow our business, which is why we've decided to share a percentage of our profits with capable people who can bring in quality traffic and sales to our online store. Our product images can be pinned or repinned on any fashion/jewelry board to reach potential buyers. We will be paying 15% commission for ALL SALES, and the tracking cookies will be valid for 30 days. Which means that after clicking on your unique link, as long as the buyer makes an order within 30 days, the sale will be credited to you. All payouts will made via PayPal. 

It's win-win for both parties! You send us happy, willing buyers, and we pay you a percentage for the sales. All traffic and sales will be tracked so you will be fairly credited and paid for successful orders. 

Want to check and see if our products would fit your board? Click here to see our jewelry board.

Want to try referring customers to us? Sign up here and you'll be given a unique url that will track all traffic and purchases from your side.

Pinterest allows affiliate links, and has made it really easy for affiliates to promote products. All you have to do is repin/pin product images onto your boards, then paste your unique link into the pin's source url. That's all! Not familiar with the process? No worries! We have uploaded tutorials and videos in our referral program to show you exactly how you can complete these 2 steps quickly. 

Our products are generally well received and are easy to sell. There’s no cost to join, and we believe it’ll be a profitable use of your time. Sign up here and you'll be able to start in 5 minutes or less!

We hope to have you on board soon! Feel free to chat or ask any questions. We'll be happy to help!

Cheers, and have a wonderfully lucky day!
Sterling Luck