Stress-free Gifting

Stress no more over buying gifts for the ladies in your life! Jewelry is still one of the most popular gifts for women, and it's easy to see why. They're shiny, delicate and pretty - most women can't get enough of them! It's hard to go wrong with jewelry, and if you stick to bracelets and necklaces, you won't even have to worry much about sizing either.

Joyful Dolphins Wave RingTriply Charmed Horseshoe Ring

Tip* These 2 rings are very popular as gifts too. 1. Most ladies love wearing rings. 2. These rings are adjustable and fit most sizes - perfect if you are not sure of the recipient's ring size. 

What many people don't realize is; how the jewelry has been designed, can make a world of difference. A good design can imbue a cold piece of metal with a whole new level of positivity and meaning. 

Sterling Luck's jewelry pieces are all specially designed to feature famous good luck symbols and charms from around the world - every symbol has an origin, a story, significance and comes with centuries of history, faith and belief. Each lucky symbol is subtly different from the others. Some lucky charms are meant to inspire hope, some are meant to make you feel safe and protected, and others simply give you courage to dive into opportunities.

The best kind of charm to give, would be the one that means the most to the recipient. 

For example, horseshoes are famously believed to offer protection from negative forces - a horseshoe charm ring would make a very meaningful gift to anyone who is going through a rough time and is suffering much negativity in her life. 

A dolphin charm would be a good gift for anyone who feels insecure and lost. It is believed that the image of a Dolphin will bring good luck and protect its owner from harm. many people believe that dolphins will appear in times of need to help, protect and guide - almost like a guardian angel of sorts.

4 leaf clover charm earrings

4 leaf clover charms are great as general good luck gifts too - especially when the recipient feels like they need some extra luck to deal with upcoming challenges - exams, career progression and etc. 

Lucky charms are always well received and appreciated, which is why many people gift them to family and friends as a way of passing on their well wishes.

The Gift Experience 

 Sterling Luck's premium egg gift box - gift experience

Add an egg, and everything becomes more fun and interesting

Make your gifts extra special and memorable by presenting them in our Signature Egg Gift Box. Your jewelry will be placed in a black satin pouch before being enclosed in our uniquely designed, satin-lined premium gift box (like the one in the image above). This will ensure that your jewelry is well protected and secure during delivery. 

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Sterling Luck's premium egg gift box - gift experience

There is no guarantee that the flowers and other props will be included (sometimes you'd get lucky though)

Don’t have time to give your gifts personally?

We can ship to 3rd-parties (ie: direct to your friends and loved-ones) and we offer a 100% money-back 60 days guarantee. You can also choose to add a short personal message with your gift order (we will print out the message on a card, free of charge) and shipped in one of our Signature Silver Egg Gift Boxes.

Let your loved ones know that you care. Surprise them with a lucky gift and help them to make their own luck. 

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Psst take advantage of our holiday promos! Order now and get Free Shipping + 1 Free Gift Box with your order. No coupons or loyalty points required!